Image courtesy of “Code Monkey Save World” and based on actual image of Jeffrey Cooper

Jeffrey Cooper

President – DHG Char

Jeffrey has been developing games as a hobby since he was 17 years old.  In that time he’s created several home-brew games.  Mind you this was back in 1999-2001 time frame.  Since college he’s worked a myriad of jobs including Theater Electrician, Physical Asset Recovery (“Repossessions”), Substitute Teacher, Industrial Software Developer, Military Software Architect, Project Manager, Engineering Manager, President, CEO, COO, and Freelance Software Development.

Jeffrey is a firm believer in proper education as a foundation.  He holds 3 masters degrees.  A Masters of Science in Computer Science from George Washington University, a Masters of Engineering in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Florida, and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Florida.  Despite this the best teacher is still experience.