Signal Generator now on Unity Store

So I’ve got my first plugin on the Unity platform store.  A free tool to generate signals.

Unity Asset Store Link:!/content/103794

Hopefully it helps anyone who needs mathematical complex signal computation.  Personally, I use it for geometry deformation to generate terrain shapes and special effects.

Documentation: DHG-Signal-Generator-Design.pdf

Setup Guide: DHG-Signal-Generator-Setup-Guide.pdf

On the whole this has been a wonderful experience.  The Unity Asset Store staff were very detailed in their feedback.  The only negative was that it took two weeks for them to get back to me on my submission.  But in their defense I was given warning that it should take that long.  After incorporating their feedback, they approved and posted the Item to the store within an hour of my resubmission.

The next planned Unity plugin is already nearly done.  This one is a statistically random value generator.  More on that later once its submission is completed.

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