Signal Generator now on Unity Store

So I’ve got my first plugin on the Unity platform store.  A free tool to generate signals.

Unity Asset Store Link:!/content/103794

Hopefully it helps anyone who needs mathematical complex signal computation.  Personally, I use it for geometry deformation to

Unexpected Delays

It would seem I am not young anymore.  Over the weekend I fell hard and may have broken my arm.  As I can now only type with one hand, I must put off all computer activities until I regain mobility …

From Alpha to Omega

In the beginning there were only complete games.  People, customers, consumers, sales agents, and distributors all knew nothing of the development process.  In truth that is mostly due to the development process itself being under development during the earlier days. 

Remaking the Classics

So 17 years ago was my first full completion of an Indy game.  It was a remake of the epic classic Tetris.  Well, I took the base concept of falling blocks and rotating shapes, and made something of my own

A note on Tutorials

As I have now begun full swing back into breathing life into Dark Horde Games I have started doing the Unity Tutorials. This may seem a trivial thing, and to most people not worth even commenting on. However, I think …

Site Under Construction

Dark Horde Games is coming back, with a new format and mission.  Stay tuned for more.

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